Hey everyone, 

to thank you for your patience for our new E.P. coming early next year, we’ve decided to give you a collection of songs as a Christmas gift. This E.P. called ”Under the skin” is a mix of songs we’ve been asked for in the last couple of years by fans and remixes that other bands were kind enough to make for us. Here’s the track list:

1- 1111
2- Oophorectomy (Studio version)
3- Product (Unit G rmx by The Gothsicles)
4- The Wall (Crushed by NITRONOISE)
5- Ghost (Acoustic)

You can head over to our bandcamp page for a free download of ”Under the skin”.


We would like to thank The Gothsicles and Nitronoise for their awesome remixes and generosity. You guys nailed it!

And thanks to all the fans! We love you all!

Happy holidays!