‘’The Butterfly Effect’’ was a very special period for us. When we released our album ‘’Skins’’, the band had so much frustration inside that we went in studio right away to work on the follow-up to that record. Raw, heavy and uncompromising were the guidelines that we had set for ourselves. During that period of change, we saw a new lineup coming together and formed a bond that was quite special. We achieved one of our biggest goals which was going on tour in the United States and that was a blast.

Over the last couple of years, we got a lot of footage from behind the scenes that was always meant to be kept to ourselves, and also some killer live footage that we wanted to release at some point. This year, I had the idea of mixing both together to give everyone a closer look inside Projekt F and commemorate a time that we’ll never forget. So here it is, our new music video for ‘’Fatman’’. Hope you’ll enjoy!