Projekt F part ways with guitarist Simon B. Doiron

Hi everyone. We have been quiet for a while lately. A lot of things have been going on for us. One important thing that we wanted to tell you about first, is that Projekt F has parted ways with our guitarist and friend Simon B. Doiron.

5 years ago, we had the pleasure to welcome Simon into the band. From there, many great things happened and lots of memories were made. Through these years, the band evolved in many ways. Last year we had some of the best moments while being on tour together in the US. Since that time we’ve been working on a lot of new music, and in the process we mutually realized that it would be better for everyone if we made some changes. So our friend Simon has gone on to pursue other musical avenues, and of course we hold nothing against him and we remain friends as always. We wish nothing but the best for him and we know that he feels the same way for us.

We will be playing our upcoming show Gothfest on September 21st with another guitarist, and we have a lot of things coming soon. More information in the next couple of weeks!