Recording process!

Official press release sent to media

Montreal’s rock industrial band Projekt F will soon start the recording of their long awaited first LP. No release date has been announced yet however they are anticipating an official release by the end of spring 2012.

This full-length album will be the first record to be release by the band after their EP named “0000”, in 2009, which received a very favorable welcome.

When Projekt F was asked about the musical direction they took for the new record, Jonh M. Miller (Vocal) answered: “We took almost 2 years to compose our new record because we wanted a very specific sound. We now have a very rock industrial style, contrary to our EP, which had more metal influences.” As for the lyrical style, Miller says: “We have decided to make a concept album. The lyrics are more dark and oppressive than what we did before.” Regarding the visual style, the band didn’t want to reveal anything.

The band will be playing at the Kinetik Festival in Montreal on May 17th. Kinetik is one of the biggest industrial music festivals in North America. It lasts over 5 days and bands from all over the world such as Combichrist, Panzer AG, Blutengel, Hocico and Grendel will also perform.

You can actually see our new photoshoot, on facebook, with the excellent One phototgraphy crew.